About Luke Jackson

My name is William Jackson but I go by my middle name of Luke. I’m from Abingdon, Maryland and I’m a senior journalism major at the University of Maryland. I graduated from Bel Air High in 2009 before attending Maryland.

I interned at WBAL-TV this summer, which was a really productive experience for me because I got to see how a television studio operates in the sense that I saw all of the moving parts that meet at one end goal for each broadcast. I also wrote for http://www.insidehockey.com last year as a credentialed reporter at Washington Capitals games. That was great for me because I got to see how reporters go about their business on a typical gameday and I got the chance to converse with professional athletes on a consistent basis, which I thought was the most productive aspect of the entire experience. I’m currently the programming director at WMUC Sports and I’ve called football, soccer and softball games in the past for the station. I plan on interning at Sirius XM in Washington, D.C. throughout this semester.

Here’s one of my pieces from last semester on a Capitals game: http://insidehockey.com/caps-on-three-game-winning-streak-with-2-0-victory-over-leafs. And here’s a piece I did for Journalism 262 on Orioles infield prospect Jonathan Schoop: https://vimeo.com/41472382.

I’m hoping to learn about the future of journalism and what journalism outlets should be doing to become more successful in the internet age. One of the things I’m very interested in with respect to journalism these days is how journalism outlets plan on convincing their audience that journalistic content is worth paying for. People are now used to logging onto the internet and clicking whatever link they please and gathering information for free. Really, journalism and music are two of the only industries where consumers expect to consume the content for free. I want to know about how journalists should promote themselves in the internet age.

I have a limited understanding of HTML in the sense that I’ve had a WordPress blog in the past and have used that blog extensively enough to grasp the basics of HTML code on blogs. My journalism classes the past year or so have been tilted towards the broadcast side of things, so we didn’t delve a whole bunch into online journalism, so I’m looking forward to a new angle on journalism at Maryland.


About lukejackson10

Senior broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland. You can follow me on Twitter: @luke_jackson10.
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